Board of Directors

VPA Board meetings are generally held the first Thursday of each month starting at 6:00pm in the Chomp Restaurant Meeting Room at 1693 Mission Drive in Solvang.
All members are welcome to attend the monthly Board Meetings. If you plan to attend, please touch base with a board member to confirm date & time.

2017 Officers
  • President:  (vacant)*
  • Vice President: Bob Mott*
  • Secretary: Christie Lanning*
  • Treasurer: Katrin Grienitz*

2017 Committee Chairs

  • Arena: Brian Klejeski*
  • Social: Danielle Holzer
  • Database: Kim Taylor*
  • Email & Website: (vacant)
  • Membership: Katrin Grienitz*
  • Newsletter: Tracy Ward*
  • Officials: Sheri Mathews, Joy Whitefoot, Chloe Silvia
  • Awards: Lauri Stoneburner*, Diana Stetson
  • Reservations: Tracy Ward*
  • Clinics: Guy Hamilton*
  • Cattle: Brian Klejeski*, Bob Mott*
  • Ratings: Brad Price*
  • Rules: Larry Saarloos*, Diana Stetson
  • Director: Gordon Statler*

* indicates VPA directors

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